80s Drama ‘Snowfall’ Trashes Ronald Reagan for Preaching ‘Progress’

FX’s ’80s drug crime drama Snowfall proves that some things never change. In this case, it means liberals will always treat Ronald Reagan like garbage no matter what he says.

In the March 24 episode “Say a Little Prayer,” we catch up on one of the characters, Wanda (Gail Bean), recovering in the hospital after taking a bullet to the hip. Since she’s been addicted to cocaine as well, her stay is miserable as she goes through withdrawal. We’re treated to a montage of her pain at the hospital which for some reason also includes watching Ronald Reagan give his 1985 inauguration speech. She responds the way most leftists would: throwing her food at the screen.



Classy. Yes, how dare President Reagan…acknowledge systemic racism in the past and work to fix it? In 2021, Democrats demand everyone believe that, yet Reagan still gets hatred for preaching “progress.” Having an R next to your name never lets you win.

Snowfall has been on for four seasons now, and it still hasn’t gotten over its hatred of Reagan. Whether it’s claiming he was behind the fake cocaine conspiracy or literally throwing darts at his head, the series won’t let us forget it. Since it was just renewed for a fifth season, there may still be a few jabs left in this drama.

This show was sponsored by commercials from Volkswagen, Wendy’s, and McDonald’s.

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