American Horror Story Actress ‘Regrets’ Not Assaulting Rand Paul At Dinner With His Family

There’s just something about Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) that makes rabid lefties want to physically assault him. 

One Hollywood resident recently expressed regret that she didn’t violently interrupt a Paul family dinner in Los Angeles when she had the chance. Actress Leslie Grossman really put the gross in Grossman by tweeting that she blew her one chance to assault the United States senator, a man who has been injured outside his own home and threatened with physical violence on the streets of D.C.

Apparently Grossman’s got a one-on-one competition going for the most hateful anti-conservative in America and she’s frustrated that the neighbor who broke the senator’s ribs is still in the lead.

Grossman, who has played several different characters in FX’s horror series, American Horror Story, tweeted her fantasies of a confrontation with Paul and his family, who she once recognized in a local L.A. restaurant enjoying a lively meal. 

The actress wrote on January 20, “Last year Rand Paul was sitting with his drunk obnoxious family 10 feet away from me at a restaurant in Los Angeles that is frequented by a lot of ‘liberal coastal elites’ and I quietly seethed at him but didn’t throw a drink in his face and now I really regret that choice.” 

Oh wow. What a hateful statement. Once again we have the typical tale of an unhappy Hollywood leftist — probably in the later, debilitating stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome — seriously contemplating stepping on the fun of normal, conservative Americans. Not to mention it includes using physical intimidation. 

Notice how dismissive she is of Republicans enjoying a night out in L.A. Yeah those Pauls are “drunk” and “obnoxious,” compared to Grossman’s classy and elitist dinner full of enlightened liberals, no doubt. 

In a subsequent tweet, the “seething” Hollyweirdo wrote, “I really blew it and I see that now.” Though it’s unclear whether that was Grossman’s admission of regret over the vile previous tweet or an extra pang of “woulda shoulda coulda” over not ruining dinner for Paul and his children. It could be either.

Though Grossman did seem to recognize later that the tweet itself was regrettable, or at least, she knew she’d get ample backlash from people who don’t resort to physical intimidation over political disagreements. After her tweets, Grossman “locked” her Twitter account, so that ordinary users couldn’t view her tweets. 

Sure she’d love to dish out a can of whoop a**, but she’s clearly quick to run to the hills after typing a couple tough tweets. 

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