Caretakers of Democracy? Jemele Hill Tells WNBA To Oust Former Senator Loeffler

By campaigning for the radical U.S. Senator-elect Raphael Warnock, intolerant Women’s NBA players now insist they are the “caretakers of democracy.” They, along with radioactive writer Jemele Hill and LeBron James are trying to push Atlanta Dream co-owner Kelly Loefler out of their far-Left league to assure that there is no room in it for someone who is not on board with Black Lives Matter.

WNBA-style “democracy” does not allow for deviations from the insistence that police are fomenting systemic racism and Black Lives Matter is the solution. Former Sen. Loeffler last summer criticized the league for selling out to BLM, drawing condemnation from several players, who then began campaigning for Rev. Warnock. He’s the “right reverend” who supports abortion and the liberation theology of the firebrand Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Hill, who writes occasionally for the  The Atlantic, says “Loeffler has to go.” Her “harsh attacks on past sermons by Warnock, the pastor at the fabled Atlanta church where Martin Luther King Jr. once preached, infuriated not only Black religious leaders but many other Black Atlantans.” Loeffler’s letter to the WNBA commissioner opposing the BLM buy-in were “distasteful,” in Hill’s opinion.

WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert has made no efforts to remove Loeffler, but said her views about Black Lives Matter “are not consistent with those of the WNBA and its players.”

Hill says the WNBA’s “lukewarm statement isn’t good enough,” not for a league invested in a strong social justice brand. After all, the WNBA was the first professional sports league to feature LGBTQ Pride events. In 2018, it gave portions of ticket sales to Planned Parenthood and other nonprofits “devoted to women’s and girls’ well-being.” (But not so much to the well-being of unborn children.)

Ousting Loeffler won’t be easy, Hill complained. “The defeated senator who has portrayed herself as a victim of ‘cancel culture,’ ” doesn’t want to sell her 49-percent interest in the Dream team, though her own players wore Warnock for Senate t-shirts.

It may take the ultimate hammer to push the league’s “ugly duckling” out of the nest. That’s right: LeBron James. He’s already tweeted about possibly putting together an ownership group to buy the Dream. Majority owner Mary Brock is considering selling” the club.

Hill says, “This is an opportunity the league must seize for the sanctity of the game and the league’s reputation.” It’s also an “opportunity” for the league to push itself even further away from Americans already turned off by its social justice madness and Democrat politics. Hill also says:

“This election season, Black women especially proved to be the caretakers of democracy. The WNBA players who helped Warnock get elected were in lockstep with that narrative. But Loeffler’s continued ownership in the league would further another existing narrative: that people in power can keep brushing off the danger to Black lives without facing any consequence.”

The WNBA’s caretakers of “democracy” – and Hill’s endorsement of such a distorted definition of the word — obviously missed the part about dissent being an essential component of democracy.

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