Clubhouse Goes WOKE? Posobiec Shares Radically Biased Screenshots from Marketing Head

Clubhouse’s new global marketing head blamed all 74 million Trump supporters for being “complicit” in “domestic terroris[m].”

She didn’t stop there. Clubhouse Head of Global Marketing Maya Watson’s Twitter feed featured several incendiary comments  One America News Network (OANN) correspondent Jack Posobiec posted a series of embarrassing screenshots from Watson’s account. Clubhouse was established as a new audio app for influencers to have conversations that a selected audience of fans can listen to. Posobiec’s screenshots appeared to show Watson condemning conservative thought as dangerous. On the day of the Capitol riot, Watson purportedly tweeted:

“74 million of you are complicit in this. These domestic terrorists are the extreme manifestation of what starts as thoughts. Looks. Microaggressions.

“There is no grey area on this. You’re either for our progress or against it.”

While the account claiming to be Watson is unverified, Protocol’s Source Code newsletter has suggested it to be genuine. The account claiming to represent Clubhouse is also unverified, but has 367.7k followers.

Watson also purportedly condemned “white women” for voting for former President Donald Trump in 2016 in a tweet that has not yet been deleted. The Watson account also expressed shortly after the election: “On behalf of black women, POC and a handful of good white people. YOU’RE FIRED!” 

The Watson account’s single-minded racial narcissism has indicated a clear bias at play:

“Hire Black women. 

“Promote Black women. 

“Feature Black women. 

“Tell stories about Black women. 

“Fund Black women. 

“Follow Black women. 

“Listen to Black women.

“Pay Black Women.”

Her hot takes on the now-debunked Michael Brown “Hands up, don’t shoot” narrative were a bad look, considering even The Washington Post torched the story in the article “‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie.” On Aug. 9, 2014, the Watson account tweeted “I’m so fucking tired of young, unarmed black men being shot by the police for no reason. #MichaelBrown.” Nearly a week later the Watson account tweeted: “Michael Brown was stopped because he was black. Period. #Ferguson.”

The account also appeared to vacillate between suggesting that black women are “The most powerful force in the world” or that instead they are the “most disrespected humans on Earth.”

“Clubhouse has named Maya Watson as head of global marketing,” advertising industry news outlet Marketing Interactive reported March 15. The same article noted she had previously worked for Netflix and the Oprah Winfrey Network.

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