CNN’s Kayyem Blames GOP’s Biden Lies for Illegals Surging Over Border

On Sunday evening, CNN pushed preposterous Democratic spin blaming Republicans for the surge in illegal border crossings as CNN homeland security analyst Juliette Kayyem linked the problem to Republicans labeling the Joe Biden border policy as an “open border.”

Kayyem — who not only worked in the Barack Obama administration but also ran for governor of Massachusetts as a Democrat — got to deliver her heavily misleading analysis without anyone right-leaning to give an opposing point of view.

Host Pamela Brown read a piece by Kayyem from The Atlantic, in which she said “Biden’s more humane policies have led to rumors that the U.S.-Mexico border is now essentially open both for asylum seekers who show up at ports of entry, and for others who cross unlawfully. Smugglers are eager to spread that idea.” Brown asked if the Biden administration should “be more forceful in its messaging to convey the border is not open.” Kayyem agreed but then added:

KAYYEM: One of the challenges, though, Pamela, to be clear here, is Republicans are going around saying that Biden is opening the border. So what that does is that is then echoed south — everyone who wants to migrate hears that and thinks, “Oh, Biden’s opened the border,” and then they come. So part of it is the politics here is causing the migrant flow.

Biden said the exact opposite, in fact, and people would remember during the primary, President Biden was almost alone in going against his primary challengers in saying, “I don’t want to decriminalize the border — I recognize that we need a strong border.” So you’re getting this echo chamber from the politics here, and you mentioned that a bunch of Republicans are going down to the border saying, you know, wanting to use this tragedy for political purposes and saying the border is open…

A bit earlier, the CNN analyst tried to blame former President Donald Trump for spending money on a border wall instead of other “infrastructure” as she recalled: “What people have to remember is, the entire infrastructure at the border was eviscerated during the Trump administration in favor of a wall. That wall, as we know, ended up being a big nothing except for it was quite expensive.”

No one bothered to explain that the fundamental problem is that, due to several laws and legal precedents, Central American adults who bring their children with them — if they cross the border illegally — are usually then allowed to remain in the country indefinitely as long as they claim to be seeking asylum. And the overwhelming majority of such asylum cases are rejected ultimately.

This lame delivery of Democratic talking points disguised as journalism was sponsored in part by Febreze. Their contact information is linked.

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