‘Cuomosexuals,’ The 20 Celebs Who Were ‘In Love’ With Accused Sex Pest/Granny Killer Gov. Cuomo

Hollywood lefties’ consciences are so screwed up that these people thought one of the most corrupt (and possibly handsy) U.S. governors in recent history, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), was an especially great guy. But of course! There was a “D” next to his name and he wasn’t Donald Trump. It even went such a long way for some of them, that they even developed sexual feelings for the man.

Little were they to know that, in addition to his top aide revealing that he cooked the books on COVID deaths in his state so he could look like a heroic leader, the governor also allegedly sexually harassed up to six different women during his time in office. It seems that actor Ben Stiller had no idea about the actual horror behind his statement when he jokingly called Cuomo “the Love Gov.” 

At least 20 Hollywood celebrities bought and sold the lie that Governor Cuomo was a brave and heroic leader during the COVID crisis and tried to vault him to his own celebrity status with glowing media attention, lavish fundraisers, all manner of ass-kissing, and even an industry award. Several celebs including Robert DeNiro, Rosie Perez, Billy Crystal and Ben Stiller praised him as “the man” as he won an actual Emmy for his Daily Chinese Virus briefings in 2020. They promoted the lie that he did an incredible job, even though he did the exact opposite and lied about it. For some, like Chelsea Handler, Cher and Jada Pinkett Smith, his leadership actually made him into dateable material. Singer Cher actually tweeted, “I’m in love with Andrew Cuomo.” Ellen Degeneres gushed that people were “in love” with the governor and even endearingly referred to herself as a “Cuomosexual.”

So would that mean that “Cuomosexuals” find unwanted sexual advances a turn on?

Considering the number of sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo are still rising, (the number is now at six accusers as of March 9) the narrative of the governor’s sex appeal has turned into a horror story. It’s just so amazing. Hollywood – the #MeToo capital of the world – had peddled a possible abuser as the charming Italian-American boy you could take home to the family. Mama mia, the irony is of biblical proportions. 

Here are the most ridiculous examples of hero-worship given to Governor Andrew Cuomo by feckless celebrities. 

Celebrities Canonize Cuomo As He Receives Emmy For COVID Briefings

In November 2020, Cuomo actually received an Emmy from the International Academy of Television Sciences for his televised pandemic briefings throughout 2020. Specifically, the governor received the “Founder’s Award,” an Emmy acknowledging Cuomo’s “global impact on the Arts & Sciences of television.” Of course, it may have been good TV, but the briefings covered up that horrific scandal that Cuomo put COVID patients into nursing homes and then lied on the official death count so that the stats couldn’t be used against him politically.   

Despite the truth, several famous New Yorkers participated in the awards ceremony to talk about the great work Cuomo did in saving New York. Trump hater Robert DeNiro congratulated Cuomo and claimed that his award was “much deserved.” Actress Rosie Perez told the governor, “You are the man!” Actor Billy Crystal gushed that Cuomo’s briefings “gave us hope, gave us clarity, gave us the truth, and gave us something that we were not getting from Washington: leadership.” Singer Billy Joel waxed poetic about the governor, saying, “In the midst of this storm, Andrew Cuomo became the nation’s governor. Director Spike proudly declared, “Daily, I was watching his press conferences informing us, telling us what to do.” 

The ironic cherry on top came when Ben Stiller referred to Cuomo as “the love gov” during the ceremony. The actor quipped that he “kinda transcended politics and now … you’re more of a national sex symbol.” He also added that perhaps Cuomo will be getting “more dates than votes now.” Considering recent Cuomo news and that the accusations of his sexual harassment are even encouraging his Democrat allies to call for investigations, Stiller’s endorsement of Cuomo’s sexual prowess just adds to the general creepiness of the whole situation.

This was only 2 months ago.

Every single one of these phony celebrities should be ashamed to the point of publicly denouncing this man for the needless deaths he & his team hid.

But I suppose this will be memory-holed.#LiberalPrivilege pic.twitter.com/gQhiTakWZd
— Obianuju Ekeocha (@obianuju) February 14, 2021

Cher Is Not Strong Enough To Live Without The ‘Love Gov’

In April 2020, at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, singer Cher appeared to have been bitten by the love bug and proclaimed her desire for the “Love Gov.” Of course back in those days, President Trump’s China virus briefings were vilified in the media as dangerous and offensive and the pro-dem outlets had been propping up Cuomo’s briefings in an attempt to dirty Trump politically. Hey though, at least the orange man didn’t lie about killing people in nursing homes. 

Either way, the Half Breed singer with half a brain cell fell for Cuomo’s act and sold it to her 3.9 million Twitter followers. In a cringe-inducing tweet, she wrote on April 15, “I’m in Love With Andrew Cuomo.” It was quite the declaration. Cuomo’s not-Trumpness was so intoxicating for Cher that she was blind to the man’s flaws, namely that he was actually doing the opposite of protecting New York from COVID, and that he might have a problem with respecting women’s boundaries.

It’s safe to say that if Cher also happened to be a COVID patient in Cuomo’s state, there’d be no “life after love” for her. 

Talk Show Hosts Pimp Creepy Cuomo’s COVID Competence and Sex Appeal

Both late night host Stephen Colbert and daytime talk show host Ellen Degeneres flattered Governor Cuomo for his sex appeal on their respective programs, and while they were perfectly free to do so, we wonder how Cuomo’s sexual harassment accusers now feel about that. During an episode of CBS’s The Late Show from May 2020, Colbert praised the governor’s COVID leadership and made-for-TV line about each human life being “priceless.” Colbert called it “a refreshing contrast to (President Donald) Trump’s position,” which he quipped as embodying the perspective that “human life is worth about one trip to Buffalo Wild Wings.” That’s funny considering human life ended up being an inconvenient statistic that the governor just did away with when he needed to.

Colbert also quipped that Cuomo, along with his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, were moving in on pop stars The Jonas Brothers’ sexiness territory. He joked, “Let me be the first to say I did not realize those sets of brothers were after the same demographic. Being hot is the Jonas Brothers’ thing.” Gross.

Ellen Degeneres fawned over Cuomo similarly while interviewing the governor during an episode of her show from last April. “Can I say that I am a, uh, Cuomosexual?” she asked the man. She mentioned how the term had been passed around in the media, acknowledging that other show hosts, like The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, had referred to themselves as “Cuomosexuals.” Eating up the flattery Cuomo responded, saying, “Yeah, I think that’s a good thing. I don’t think it’s a bad thing.” The host agreed and affirmed, “People are in love with you.” 

Yeah some people were in love with Governor Cuomo; though perhaps not the people that Governor Cuomo was in love with. Rumor has it, Cuomo likes the ones who play really hard to get. Hope the Governor enjoyed all the praise while it lasted, cause it sure seems to have dried up quick.

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