DISGRACEFUL: Univision Dismisses Border Crisis As ‘Alleged’

After years of hammering the Trump Administration on anything related to immigration, Univision reverses course and soils themselves in a disgraceful report on the burgeoning crisis at the border- the TV equivalent of the old “Republicans Pounce”.

The truth, however, was impossible to conceal, to the extent that even reporter Roger Borges admitted that the “increase in people” (read, crisis), extends to the Florida coast “with the arrival of Haitian nationals seeking asylum”; (click “expand” to view the full transcript of this report as aired on Univision’s Despierta América on March 8, 2021):

Despierta América, Univision

Monday, March 8, 2021

KARLA MARTINEZ: In the past several hours, the White House confirmed a visit to the border by Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. The trip coincides with an increased flow of immigrants, and criticism from Republicans about an alleged immigration crisis. In addition, President Biden announced his intention to limit the detention of undocumented families. Roger Borges explains to us live.

ROGER BORGES: Good morning, we are talking about a drastic change with this new administration. Families would not be detained for weeks or years. We’re talking about only days.

BORGES: A significant announcement regarding immigration, as the Biden administration intends to limit the detention of undocumented families to 72 hours, according to a brief filed in court.

ACTIVIST: It is something that is very welcome and an answer to what has been asked not only of the president, but previous administrations- on how to deal with the arrests of families seeking shelter in the United States.

BORGES: Over the course of these three days, detention centers would be used for families to plan their appearances before a judge, to be tested for COVID, and to arrange their transfer to a shelter. A few days ago, all the immigrants who had remained in a detention center in Pennsylvania were released. Some were there for over a year. In addition, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, led a visit by Biden administration officials to the U.S. border with Mexico, on Saturday, amid an increased number of border crossings and criticism from Republicans that a migration crisis is in the making. President Biden is facing a growing dilemma on the southern border that shows little sign of diminishing. Thousands of migrants have crossed the border in the first six weeks of Biden’s presidency. Many of them are unaccompanied minors. These increases have put the administration’s resources and ability to quickly implement its own strategy to the test, while Republicans sound the alarm about what they see as a crisis of Biden’s making.

BORGES: And the recent increase does not just continue here in Florida, but also on Florida’s shores. So, that increase in people, of immigrants, is not just on the border but also on the shores of Florida. Last week, a boat with a group of 25 Haitians was intercepted. That’s what we have here live, back with you at the studio.

MARTINEZ: Thank you Alejandro Borges for your live report.

The report – purportedly about the “visit by Biden administration officials to the U.S. border with Mexico”, and how they will “limit the detention of undocumented families to 72 hours” vs. “weeks and years” under Trump- only went on to confirm what everyone already knows: that “President Biden is facing a growing dilemma on the southern border that shows little signs of diminishing. Thousands of migrants have crossed the border in the first six weeks in Biden’s presidency. Many of them unaccompanied minors.” This is why Martínez had to frame it as “criticism from Republicans”.

While the liberal Hispanic media continues its campaign to white-wash the truth, even Latino Democrat congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX), has publicly decried the crisis at the southern border, projecting that the daily crossings will soon reach the 10,000 mark. So much for Univision´s continued denial of the truth at the southern border.

As the immigration crisis continues to grow, the nation´s liberal Spanish-speaking media will have to make a choice: do they report the truth, or do they continue to spin the news in a manner that feeds their eternal quest for fresh audiences. 

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