Disgusting Michael Moore Says Boulder Shooter’s Actions Prove He Embraced American Culture

We get it already, Michael Moore. You hate America. You don’t need to continually remind us with tweets. 

The far-lefty, Trump-hater and Fahrenheit 11/9 documentary filmmaker made a seriously disgusting dig on the American people in the wake of the March 22 shooting that claimed the lives of 10 innocent civilians. Moore, a frustrated gun-control advocate, lashed out with a callous post on social media mere hours after the tragedy, claiming that the murderer had clearly assimilated into American life. Cause, you know, committing mass shootings is as American as celebrating the Fourth of July. 

Of course, as soon as news of the horrific Boulder, Colorado shooting broke, lefties started doing what they always do in these situations: immediately start making assumptions about the killer, like that he was an angry “white domestic terrorist,” and demand tyrannical solutions, like having the government take away the second amendment.

When news broke that the killer was a bit culturally different than the frustrated, and wild-eyed red stater they’d envisioned – he turned out to be an American from Syrian descent, whose family hated Trump – some leftists deleted their tweets about the “White supremacist” shooter, others apologized, and others, like Michael Moore, used the revelation in a way to state that toxic American ideals are now warping the minds of the people who did this.

Moore put out an extremely cynical and passive aggressive post on his Twitter page about the shooting, writing, “The life of Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa shows that people can come from all over the world and truly assimilate into our beloved American culture.” 

Oh, ouch. So what he’s trying to say is that Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is not culturally different at all? He’s embraced the American ideals of being a gun nut and killing people and his actions demonstrated that he’s truly one of us? Wow. What a burn. 

Adding insult to injury, Moore shared a picture of the Statue of Liberty along with his cruel words. Man, Moore sure is an angry, partisan hack.

In an earlier tweet about the tragedy, Moore wrote, “But make no mistake: a young man with anger issues & easy access to semi-automatic weapons who shoots up a nice town in Colorado is as American as apple pie.”

Of course these are the bemused lamentations of an ideological slave who hates his country when it doesn’t embrace the politics he likes, in this case, instituting gun control. Moore is a huge anti-gun nut who believes that shootings happen because cruel conservatives won’t give up their right to bear arms. 

At this point his disagreements with conservatives have turned him into a bitter man, who now describes his country as a place that promotes mass murder and who tweets that perhaps people in red states don’t deserve the vaccine.

If it’s really that bad, why is Michael Moore still in this country?

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