Golf Writer: ‘Insurrectionist’ Trump Deserves No Safe Harbor on the Links

The utter shunning of President Donald Trump will not be complete unless he is unable to find safe harbor in the sport of golf that he loves. For Trump is, according to USA Today/Golf Week writer Eamon Lynch, “a brazen and amoral insurrectionist” and a “racist con man” who ignored the Constitution and the rule of law.

Lynch asserts that when historians eventually tally the cost of President Trump’s “manifold indecencies” and his “sacking of the United States Capitol during a failed insurrection,” golf won’t be one of the casualties:

“The game will instead be portrayed as Trump’s refuge, something he did while ignoring a pandemic that has claimed 365,000 lives, refusing to acknowledge a resounding electoral defeat, and inciting feeble-minded fascists to violence that left five people dead at the opposite end of Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Lynch (shown in above photo) demands that golf, a sport that prides itself on values like honesty, integrity and devotion to the rules, not be “a welcoming sanctuary for a brazen and amoral insurrectionist, a world in which a racist con man was never discomfited, even while taking a wrecking ball to the constitution and the rule of law.”

The nation and the sport of golf have been both measurably damaged by Donald Trump’s presence, the attack continues. He supposedly played the game in times of great crisis and at taxpayer expense. The damage Trump inflicted on golf is trivial compared to what he did to America, but needs an accounting as well, Lynch rants.

Trump has allegedly turned two of his own golf courses toxic: the Blue Monster course at Miami’s Doral Resort and the Turnberry in Scotland.

“Other major championships have felt his caress and withered,” Lynch continues. He says the 2017 U.S. Women’s Open, at Trump National in New Jersey, was “a painful spectacle as most players tried to ignore the groping elephant in the room.” And charges “you just never know when you’ve hitched your premier event to a sociopath.”

The odds are nil that that the 2022 PGA Championship will go off in New Jersey because Seth Waugh, CEO of the PGA, realizes that Trumpism is likely to be “an equally incendiary force” approaching the midterm elections and affiliation with Trump is “poisonous.”

Golfing legends also came under fire from Lynch for supporting President Trump – “despite clear signs he would not accept any result he didn’t like.” For example, “Jack (Nicklaus) has remained silent as a sphinx.”

According to golf’s self-appointed guardian of morality, Lynch has decided that the reputations of Annika Sorenstam and Gary Player are even more “sullied” by the man who “incited the mob that killed a police officer.” They were at the White House Tuesday to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. “At least the third professional golfer ‘honored,’ Babe Zaharias, doesn’t have to live with the shame, having died more than 60 years ago,” Lynch mutters.

Nancy Lopez has redeemed herself for past support of Trump, says Lynch. In the aftermath of Wednesday’s “murderous riot in Washington, D.C.,” she tweeted that she disagreed with Trump and was rooting for the country to unite under President Biden.  

The beat-down of Trump mercifully ends with Lynch spewing that Trump should be a pariah everywhere, including golf. The game shouldn’t be a “familiar bosom” for him to safely retreat to while “fending off indictments. He is finally and deservedly being expelled from civic life. He needs to be driven from golf, too.”

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