HBO Max’s ‘Search Party’ Mocks Conservatives and Trump-Like ‘Presidential Fantasies’

How the vapid millennial series Search Party made it to four seasons is basically the biggest case of failing up you’ll see on HBO Max. If people really wanted to see the most obnoxious characters insulting the police and conservatives, they should just stick to Twitter. Instead, we get yet another slam against the right with a subtle Trump jab to boot.

The January 14 episode “Something Sharp” brings back the subplot of gay narcissist Elliott (John Early) continuing to be a guest on a conservative talk show with Liz Wheeler parody Charlie Reeny (Chloe Fineman). Despite their segments always ending in nonsensical yelling, they’re apparently a hit. However, that suddenly changes when the producers order Elliott to change his politics.

According to them, viewers “are just not interested” in seeing a liberal perspective, so the show would only benefit if both Charlie and Elliott would agree on everything. Since Elliott enjoys the spotlight, and the producers essentially threaten to fire him otherwise, he changes his politics for the camera. He even gives a big coming out speech for his audience, playing into the stereotype of a conservative and insulting them at the same time.



Elliott: America, I owe you an apology. Like many citizens today, I have been brainwashed by the liberal media, by the “arts and leisure elite,” by socialist universities, and by the coasts. I have been living in a political fantasy, but no longer. I am now and forever a staunchly conservative Republican. I believe in traditional Christian values, speaking in English at all times, and anaesthetizing the lower classes with presidential fantasies of gold faucets and beautiful women. I love my beliefs, I love my country, and I love my God. End of story.

These writers seem incapable of thinking anyone would be a conservative without the incentive of money or fame. Just because nearly every character in the show acts like an idiot doesn’t mean they should treat viewers like idiots.

There are still seven episodes left in the season which means plenty of time to insult the right even more. Heaven forbid this series gets another awful season.

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