Major League Baseball Cuts Political Donations; Deadspin Wants GOP Blood

While corporate sheeple are tripping over each over to punish Republican lawmakers for challenging a corrupted election, Major League Baseball is distancing itself from all political contributions. This news prompted Deadspin writer Jesse Spector to call three strikes against baseball.

Rob Gillies, bureau chief for The Associated Press in Canada, tweeted:

Republican hater Spector writes that companies across the nation realize that “having had their money fund politicians who attempt to engage in a coup is bad for business.”

“Major League Baseball is latching onto this trend of corporate responsibility, too,” says Spector, who believes it’s not going nearly far enough and is unfairly punishing Democrats more than the GOP:

“Don’t be fooled. This is completely meaningless. Major League Baseball is not disassociating itself from seditionists and racists, but from ‘all political contributions.’ Well, according to, the Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball Political Action Committee gave $66,000 to Democrats in the 2020 election cycle and $46,000 to Republicans. In fact, in all but two of the election cycles since 2002, MLB’s political arm has directed more money to Democrats than to the GOP.”

Spector is incensed that Charles Johnson, owner of the San Francisco Giants and megadonor for the Republican Party, donated campaign money “to some of the worst of the worst people in this mess.” That mess includes Republicans Sen. Tommy Tuberville and Reps. Lauren Boebert, Madison Cawthorn and Jim Jordan. “The league can’t stop Johnson from spending his money, and apparently, neither can good sense.”

Pathetic weasel companies like Hallmark also told Sen. Josh Hawley (Rep-Mo.) to return donation cash because he’s a “lead insurrectionist” who is toxic to businesses.

It’s fair to ask why Hallmark gave money to Sen. Hawley money in the first place, Spector wrote. “It’s not like it’s a news flash that the Missouri fascist is a total shithead. But he finally went so far as to make being associated with him toxic in the marketplace, so Hallmark is out.”

Spector also contends it’s really a hollow effort by Major League Baseball to try to make some kind of statement. It’s just a “cosmetic move” like celebrating Jackie Robinson Day each season. Which is only an attempt to distract the public away from the “massive race issues that the sport is generally clueless about addressing.”

So baseball refuses to play ball with this dark winter of bone-chilling, un-American, freedom-killing madness spreading across the land. Spector wants blood, and he’s peeved that MLB isn’t going for the Republicans’ jugular. The vindictiveness is insidious.

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