MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross Boasts About Atlanta’s Political Secret: We’re #5 in Strip Clubs!

Nothing bespeaks a city’s healthy, vibrant culture like a big “adult entertainment industry,” and the proliferation of strip clubs!

At least, if you listen to Tiffany Cross . . . 

On her MSNBC show this morning, Cross devoted a segment to a political ad currently running in Georgia called, “Get Your Booty to the Poll.” It features strippers dancing around a “pole” urging black voters to get to the “poll” in the Senate run-off elections.

Cross had as a guest the creator of the ad. Cross bragged about how the “adult entertainment industry” in Atlanta brings in more money than all the sports teams in the city. And she boasted that Atlanta: 

“Ranks fifth in the country for the highest number of strip clubs per 100,000 residents.” 

We’re #5!

And that’s a good thing??

Cross and the ad creator said the point of the ad was to reach black males who like to go to strip clubs: “to meet them where they are.”

And the ad itself made its appeal to black voters explicit. After one speaker urged people to go to their website to learn where the candidates stand on issues that affect “us,” another speaker said: “and by ‘us,’ we mean black people.”

Bonus Coverage

Earlier in the show, Cross had on former Republican Congressman Jack Kingston of Georgia. When Kingston urged people to respect others with differing political views, including those from “flyover states,” Cross said she:

“can’t recall any similar disrespect to folks in flyover states.” 

Cross can’t recall liberals expressing disrespect for people from flyover country? Really?

Obama’s “bitter clingers.” Hillary’s “deplorables.” Hello?

Video clip at tweet.

Note: Cross’s inability to recall “bitter clingers” or “deplorable” notwithstanding, we do give her credit for having Kingston as a guest. He is not your typical Trump-hating “MSNBC Republican,” actually expressing respect for President Trump’s right to challenge the election results. 

Tiffany Cross boasting about the great number of strip clubs in Atlanta was sponsored in part by Visionworks, Liberty Mutual, and DirecTV.

Here’s the transcript.

The Cross Connection
11:31 am ET

TIFFANY CROSS: Next up, we’ll answer that age-old question: will enough Georgians get their booties to the polls? 

. . . 

Political Ad

FIRST SPEAKER: Black lives matter to us. Want to know if black lives matter to the candidates? Go to to learn where they stand on issues that affect us.

SECOND SPEAKER: And by “us,” we mean black people.

VARIOUS DANCERS: [twirling around stripper pole] Get, get, get your booty to the poll. Get your booty to the poll.  Get your booty to the poll, yeah. Vote, vote, vote. 

VOICEOVER: The Georgia Senate runoff is January 5th. Let’s finish what we started: get your booty to the poll!

CROSS: The strip-club dancers whose viral video helped drive record turnout in the general election are back for Georgia’s Senate runoffs. Georgia may be known for its booming adult entertainment scene, but the Peach State is also home to a nearly $10 billion film and TV industry, making Georgia the new Hollywood of the south. And, the creative community is flexing its political power. 

Joining me now Angela Barnes, writer and director of the Get Your Booty to the Polls public service announcement.

 . . . 

I want to start out with the entertainment industry in Atlanta. Because I think a lot of people perhaps don’t know this, but the entertainment industry in Atlanta, according to Georgia Tech, Atlanta’s adult industry brings in $240 million in annual sales, which has a greater economic impact than all the sports teams in Atlanta. 

And the city ranks fifth in the country for highest number of strip clubs per 100,000 residents.

So the Booty to the Polls video really meet people where they are. 

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