NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Chuck Todd’s Faceplant on Your Driver’s License

In the latest NewsBusters Podcast, we explore recent blog posts on Republicans “restricting” voting rights. NBC’s Chuck Todd posed in a 2017 promo as a “referee” of political controversies. But in reality, when he hosts Meet the Press, Todd is overwhelmingly kind to Democrats and fierce with Republicans. On this Sunday, Todd trashed Republican election-integrity legislation as “anti-consumer,” or “anti-voter.” Republicans are always the “anti” party.

What really took the cake was Todd’s claim that requiring voter ID was making voting harder, which is “sort of antithetical to what every other process we deal with in America is about.” This makes you wonder how many times Todd has avoided presenting an ID for booze, or banking, or flying? At least on this show, Sen. Pat Toomey brought some heat to Todd, insisting “We’re not going to be cowed by being called racist over a policy that has nothing to do with race.”

CNN anchor Pamela Brown was also “schooled” by a Republican on Sunday, in her case Congressman Mike Waltz of Florida. He also wasn’t accepting this whole line that the Republicans are “tightening” the rules and said Democrats “are gaslighting these changes and improvements and fearmongering calling them racist, calling them Jim Crow,” so they can smash the filibuster.

Finally, there’s the new Geoffrey Dickens study finding once again that the networks are overwhelmingly biased in favor of the gun-control argument, which received 14 times the airtime that the gun-rights case was granted on the morning and evening newscasts. 

Enjoy the podcast below or wherever you listen to your podcasts. 


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