NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Derek Hunter on Boulder, Voters, and Fake Republicans

In this week’s extra-bold brew of the NewsBusters Podcast, we talk to author, columnist, radio host and podcaster Derek Hunter and discuss how the media are mangling mass shootings, the supposed “suppression” of voter ID requirements, and transgender athletes. And since Derek is a talk radio host in Baltimore at WCBM, what’s up with Gov. Larry Hogan?

As Kristine Marsh noted here, CNN host Don Lemon went on a 20-minute tirade about the Boulder shooting, claiming that not only are the Republicans callous about black lives, but they “want to take away your vote.”

The media can’t stop talking about “voter suppression” and pushing as a solution a bill called the “For the People Act” (H.R. 1/S. 1), which looks like the Voter Fraud Enabling Act to Republicans. Supposedly non-racist liberals imply that requirements like presenting a voter ID at the polls hurt black voters, as if they’re not capable of acquiring a driver’s license or ID card. 

Derek wrote a fascinating column for Townhall titled “Where Are All the Girls In Boys’ Sports?” He noted “has there been one case of a girl identifying as a boy, not only competing in boys’ sports, but dominating? I can’t find one.”

In 2018 I interviewed Derek about his book Outrage Inc. — you can find that here. Enjoy our latest chat below or wherever you enjoy your podcasts. Please check out The Derek Hunter Podcast, which is posted every week day, and follow him on Twitter at @derekahunter. 


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