NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Politico Shames Biden from Left on Avoiding the Word ‘Crisis’

Even the “Politico Playbook” squad is tired of the Biden team trying to call the surge of illegal immigrants across the border a “challenge.” They even called it “Orwellian.” This happened because liberal Democrats and “immigration advocates” are frustrated with Biden from the Left. They want a more dramatic federal surge to meet the illegal-immigrant surge. 

Also on the podcast docket today:

— The column on “Whiteness Is a Pandemic,” the nutty article by New York Times contributor Damon Young on The Root. 

— NBC/MSNBC reporter Geoff Bennett admits the “mainstream” reporters were a “known quantity” to the Biden campaign and transition team. They knew you could call on these same old reporters because they were softball tossers. (MRCTV has it here.) 

— The CBS drama FBI creates a fictional plot where AIM — in this loosely fictionalized world, “Accountability In Media” — pays a private detective to dig up dirt on a New York Times political reporter who is later abducted. Would AIM ever pay a detective to spy on a reporter? Anyone remember the Clintons hiring private investigators?

On Tuesday’s “FBI” on CBS, a @nytimes reporter is abducted. They find an ex-cop working as a PI to get dirt on the reporter.
“For who?”
“AIM, they’re some sort of media watchdog group.”
“Accountability in Media.”

Awfully close to Accuracy in Media! Like “NewsBreakers” close.
— Tim Graham (@TimJGraham) March 19, 2021

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