NEW NewsBusters Podcast: The Media’s Terms Smear Us, with Tim Graham and Joey Vazquez

In the latest enthralling installment of the NewsBusters Podcast, executive editor Tim Graham explores how the liberal media intimidates and smears conservatives with their supposedly objective terminology. Journalists love to define Democrat bills with wonderful titles, and then suggest Republicans are against things like “Clean Air” or “Clean Water” or “Voting Rights” or “Equality”….and right now, “COVID Relief.” 

This even happens with labeling, where conservatives groups are “conservative” or “far right,” and leftist groups are treated to positive terms like “civil rights leaders” and “environmental advocates.”

MRC Business research analyst Joseph Vazquez joins the show to discuss how liberal pundits and reporters try to promote “COVID relief” by mocking the Trump tax cuts as a sop to the rich. The Washington Post even gushed about how Biden was “showering” Americans with cash, as if it was his cash, and not ours. When Republicans wanted to have the bill read on the Senate floor, one jerk at the Post tweeted that hundreds died of COVID during the bill reading, as if they were related. 

There’s also some chat about the leftists pushing a “wealth tax” — not on income, but on a surtax on overall wealth. Soak the rich! CNBC has embarrassed several Democrats by asking basic questions.

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