Telemundo Overlooks ANTIFA Role in Portland Riots

Last weekend´s violent riots at Portland, Oregon, where ANTIFA and BLM protestors set fires, broke windows and sprayed offensive graffiti at a federal courthouse, failed to catch the attention of the nation’s Spanish-speaking media, who by and large kept the ugly mess from their viewers.

Only Telemundo’s morning talk show, now renamed Hoy Día, (formerly Un Nuevo Día) gave the attacks any attention – 26 seconds of air time to be exact – minimizing the viciousness of the protesters as “a crowd of disgruntled people protesting police violence”:



NICOLE SUÁREZ: And on to Portland, Oregon, where tensions broke out between protesters and the police outside the federal court in the center of the city. A crowd of disgruntled people protesting police violence tore down a security fence and law enforcement officers tried to disperse them with tear gas. The riot left a trail of destruction and vandalism, at least one person was arrested.

That the protesters were members of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter; that Portland has been under siege since last Summer; that a federal building was defaced and set on fire; that two banks were stormed by the mob: none of that seemed to worry the news room at the nation´s leading Spanish-speaking network. That the crowd was dispersed by the police with tear gas, that really made a dent at Univision.

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