Top Movie Star Mark Wahlberg Planning Faith-Based Film

It’s a rare but refreshing sight when an A-list celebrity stars in a film surrounding the concept of faith and religion but even more rare when the film is his idea!

Actor and producer Mark Wahlberg is set to begin production on his new film Stu in April. Though the full details of the story have not yet been released, the movie is said to be a faith-based film that the Lone Survivor star has been developing for a number of years. Since Hollywood isn’t kind to Christian actors and faith-based films are typically not jobs for A-List celebrities, Wahlberg’s production of Stu is certainly something to look forward to. 

Wahlberg has been quite busy recently. He just wrapped up Uncharted alongside Tom Holland (Spiderman) which has been in the works for the past decade. He also finished filming the Lionsgate drama Arthur The King and his other movie, Infinite, is set to release in September. Nonetheless, Wahlberg used the recent opening in his schedule to push Stu along in the production process according to Deadline. Honestly, it’s rare for anything faith-based to be pushed in today’s secular world.

First-time filmmaker Rosalind Ross impressed Wahlberg with her writing and directing skills and is set to tell the story. Wahlberg will serve as the lead star and producer alongside partner and manager Jordan Foss as well as David Russell who has worked with Wahlberg on numerous other films. Miky Lee and Colleen Camp will executive produce Stu. This whole team has had undeniable success and this film will hopefully top the charts. 

Though the plot of the story is still under wraps, Wahlberg spoke on behalf of the film during a Facebook Live nearly five years ago, as reported by IndieWire. The story is based on athlete-turned-priest Father Stuart Long. He starts out as “anything but a spiritual guy” who later finds his calling and becomes a priest even while developing a muscular degenerative disease. The story is said to be “very close to Wahlberg’s heart” and is an example of faith and overcoming difficulties. 

Stu will be set with faith as a focus which is a risk judging by the ruthless attacks on most religious or conservative actors. However, Wahlberg doesn’t seem too worried about publicizing his faith. Around this time last year, Wahlberg and his wife wished everyone a “blessed Palm Sunday” on Twitter and on Today he admitted that he wants “to be committed to serving the Lord.”

Hopefully, the movie is a hit and Wahlberg continues his transparency and openness on his faith even while in the industry. People like him are needed to counter the woke Hollywood content today.

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