Twitter Plea: Teigen NEEDS More Twitter Followers…13.5 mil Ain’t Enough

Chrissy Teigen acts mean-spirited, foul-mouthed, and self-obsessed. But she still wonders why Trump blocked her on Twitter?

In a recent tweet, Teigen begs Joe Biden to follow, saying: “hello @joebiden I have been blocked by the president for four years can I get a follow plz.” With 13.5 million followers, she could clearly benefit from one more. But really, the tweet is just another lefty virtue signal — a way of showing and maintaining her cool kid liberal celeb status by reminding people she got under Trump’s skin. 

It’s clear why Trump blocked her, and why any right-minded citizens would do the same. 

Teigen loves to drop the F bomb, especially when tweeting at the president and first lady. That’s what the cool kids do these days. “This wifebot is working on whatever the fuck a tennis gazebo is,” she tweeted March 17, 2020. Chrissy, why do you care so much about what the FLOTUS does in her free time? In the same day on Twitter Teigen called Trump a “fucking loser wimp” to again show her distinguished vocabulary. Seeing this language would make anyone want to block her. There is no blame on Trump.

Teigen, if Trump called you a “wife-bot” would you disagree with your own husband blocking him? No. But, apparently hypocrites are the new fad. In an attempt to amuse fans by belittling others, she’s hanging herself on her own rope. 

Teigen loves the attention she’s getting as a “mean girl.” Being blocked by the president gives her a badge of honor. Supposedly. It’s popular to hate Trump in the media. Even as a 35 year old woman, Teigen is still trying to fit in with the crowd. 

As if using “fuck” to vocalize her hatred and show her “bad girl” attitude wasn’t enough for Teigen, she’s even called Trump a “pussy ass bitch.” Her maturity level is astounding. No wonder she gets along well with John who’s contributed his fair share of idiocy as well. Remember when he literally wished death upon Trump? Yet the couple still basked in the title of “The First Family We Deserve.” 

Teigen is another leftist that just can’t get enough. I just hope the one extra follower really makes a difference in her life and it helps her maintain her trophy as the GOAT. 

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