Univision: Border Patrol Overwhelmed, Fears ‘HUMAN STAMPEDE’ in Texas

How precarious is the situation along the southern border? The most pro-open-border network in all the land is reporting that border agents fear getting caught in a “human stampede”.

Watch as Univision’s Pedro Rojas closes out his most recent report from Del Rio, Texas. 

PEDRO ROJAS, UNIVISION: Now, this border fence is the only fence that protects Del Río (TX), which is slightly over a mile long. And why is the National Guard here? It’s to protect. Agents’ fears are that a human stampede could happen at any time, given that there are very few Border Patrol agents guarding close to 10,000 people at this time.

Lots of information packed into a minute here. Not only is the Border Patrol overwhelmed and fearful of being overrun, but the Texas National Guard is already in place to reinforce, which begs the question: is THIS part of the “special security situation” that led the Federal Aviation Administration to impose a two-week temporary flight restriction over the international bridge in Del Río? 


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