Woke Science Gives Gender Neutral Name to New Ant Species

Wokeness seems to be infecting every aspect of life and now it has even arrived in the arcane science of species naming.  Wednesday’s New York  Post explains how we  have now arrived at this new era of species naming wokeness in “New ant species given first-ever gender-neutral name to honor diversity.”

Even the bugs are nonbinary now.

A newly discovered ant is now the first animal species to be given a scientific name ending in “they” to honor gender diversity.

Researchers named the miniature trap-jaw ant from the luscious tropical forests of Ecuador “Strumigenys ayersthey.”

Typically, when species are named after people, the scientific name ends with -ae (after females) and -i (after males), but this group of researchers wanted to celebrate nonbinary people.

Yes, we must worship at the altar of diversity…as defined by liberals.

This newly discovered insect also comes with some star power. Michael Stipe, the lead singer and lyricist of R.E.M., assisted Booher in writing part of the research article on the bug.

Stipe lent a hand to write the etymology section which commemorated their mutual friend, activist and artist Jeremy Ayers and explains the inspiration behind the species name.

Ayers, who passed away in 2016, was a gay human rights activist who fought for underrepresented communities and nonbinary individuals.

Commenting on the unique name, Booher said, “Such a beautiful and rare animal was just the species to celebrate both biological and human diversity. Small changes in language have had a large impact on culture. Language is dynamic and so should be the change in naming species — a basic language of science.”

He hopes that this new naming option will be used moving forward “for those that want to be identified outside of the gender binary.”

And all people who give species names that are not gender neutral are to be condemned in the future? This is where it is leading. But considering that NARAL is now referring to women as “birthing persons,” we shouldn’t be surprised.  

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