Bongino: Amazon Pulling Parler Servers Is ‘Stage 2’ of Left’s ‘Gross Totalitarian’ Takeover

“The odds are 100%. We are coming back. Anybody who thought we were going to take this lying down, you picked the wrong guy,” Bongino said regarding Amazon pulling its servers supporting social media platform Parler, in which the conservative commentator has invested.

In an interview with D.C. radio station WMAL, Bongino suggested that his battle with cancer has both clarified his perspective and strengthened his resolve to fight back:

“I’ve had some really bad news in my life over the last few months, and it’s really kind of clarified things for me. So, we’re not done. We’ll probably be back by the end of the week.”

“You’ll be next,” because liberal censorship is never sated until all opposition is eradicated, Bongino warned:

“I encourage everyone to go there and support us – because you’ll be next.

“Anyone who thinks this fight is over, you know I said in an earlier appearance on Fox and I’ll say it again: anyone under the illusion that, you know, when you kiss the collective ass of the left the media and the Big Tech companies that your head will be on the chopping block last – you’re insane.

“They’re coming for everyone.”

Competitors to Parler who think they’re safe from being taken down by liberal Big Tech censorship are deluding themselves, Bongino said:

“Have you considered the fact that the Internet service providers will be next and will block any access to your website? What, you didn’t think of that? You don’t think that’s next? You think that’s some kind of a joke?”

Liberal totalitarians are now in “stage two” of their vicious process of destroying and punishing all opposing voices, Bongino said:

“You understand these people on the left are vicious totalitarians who don’t give a damn – we’re in stage two of what they do every time, right? You saw this with George Floyd, and you’re seeing it now.

“You have a really horrible event that, due to its tragic, horrendous nature, gets bipartisan condemnation across the board. What happens then with the left and their media totalitarians that they’ve kept, they use the opportunity to make a political fight, not a principled one.

“Because there no principles at stake that are in dispute – the right and the left agree that what happened is inexcusable. There’s no principles being argued, we all get that. The left takes it then and runs with and makes it political license – always stage two – and over-responds in a gross totalitarian manner: defund the police, wipe conservatives from the face of the earth on tech.”

“Then, there’s always a counter-reaction: the Tea Party in 2010. And, I think you’re going to see that next,” Bongino said.

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