Cancellation Calls For Trump Friends Brady, Belichick, Courtesy Of NY Mag

New York magazine is cancelling NFL coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady for their past associations with President Donald Trump and saying nothing will save them because they can never escape the Trump stink.

Brady and Belichick have been friends of Trump’s for several years. In 2016 Belichick wrote a letter of support to the then presidential candidate, though New York magazine writer Will Leitch suspects Trump wrote it for him to praise himself. At that time, Brady was displaying a Make America Great Again hat in his Patriots locker.

The president was planning this week to bestow the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Belichick, coach of the New England Patriots. However, the coach decided not to accept the honor.   

It seems fitting to Leitch that the story of Trump’s presidency came full circle to Belichick at the end. “After the horrific and deadly insurrection at the Capitol building on Wednesday, most (but not all) political allies, longtime supporters, and corporate benefactors are scrambling to get as far away from Trump as possible. In the midst of the great distancing, the Trump administration announced Sunday that the president would award Belichick the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Thursday. …”

Save Herschel Walker and Curt Schilling, who reaped scorn from Leitch for continuing to support the president, Trump’s sports pals and political counterparts have run screaming for the exits. Belichick has since declined the president’s award.

That’s not good enough for Leitch, though, because his headline proclaims the coach cannot escape his tainted relationship with President Trump that easily. He must be cancelled.

Which brings Leitch around to his next cancellation target: Brady (in above photo), now with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Despite a past association with Trump and displaying the MAGA hat, Brady has spent the last five years keeping as much distance as he could from the president, Leitch says. Brady even skipped a team visit to the White House to celebrate a Super Bowl championship.

“But that’s not going to save Brady: He’ll be known as a Trump supporter forever, if just because it’s fun for people to hate Tom Brady and this is just one more reason, real or otherwise,” says the self-appointed cancel cop Leitch.

Leitch ends his attack on the two football legends by saying that after the recent unforgettable events, it will be difficult to forget how these giants of the game decided to associate themselves with someone like Trump.

So how should Brady and Belichick be punished? With an asterisk next to their names when they’re enshrined in the Hall of Fame? If they’re even permitted football’s greatest honor at the close of their respective careers.

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