‘Law & Order: SVU’ Revives Kavanaugh Myth with Anti-MeToo Rapist Judge

Good to know that some things haven’t changed under a new president. NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is still here to smear #MeToo critics and misremember the Kavanaugh accusations all in the name of messed-up social justice. It’s just as bad as it sounds.

The January 21 episode “The Long Arm of the Witness” begins with a court case involving a college girl being raped on campus. However, the judge in the hearing, Chip Gallagher (Josh Hamberg), dismisses this case as a “he said, she said” trial against an “exemplary” white man from a disrespectful Latina student since she waited two months to report. From there, it’s not hard to see where this story is headed.

It turns out that Gallagher is running for New York Attorney General and personally requested the case to make a statement to his constituents. While the show never says which political party he’s from, by the way he phrases his announcement as well as claiming, “The Me Too pendulum has swung too far,” I doubt he voted for Biden last November. And the SVU team is quick to point out how terrible, selfish, and likely racist the man is.



Gallagher: Today, I’m announcing my candidacy for New York State Attorney General. There’s lawlessness in the streets. Our suburbs, our way of life, are under attack, and so are our sons. The MeToo pendulum has swung too far.

Kat: “Our sons”? Guess he doesn’t care about our daughters.

Olivia: Not even a little. All this guy cares about is himself and his political career. What is his pedigree?

Rollins: Hudson U undergrad, Harvard Law, eight years as a Suffolk County Ada.

Carisi: He ever put his thumb on the scale when he was a prosecutor?

Rollins: Yeah, first year, he had four high profile rape convictions, all Black and Latino defendants, and then he declined to prosecute a white college male in a “He said, she said.”

Fin: The old boy network is strong out east.

Kat: So is the corruption.

I think there are actually a lot of people who care about their sons being under attack from false accusations. I also think there are a lot of people who agree that the #MeToo pendulum has swung too far. Witness Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Of course, Judge Gallagher turns out to be a college rapist himself. In true leftist fashion, Gallagher comes off as the fictional Kavanaugh figure who actually raped innocent college girls decades ago and got away with it since there were no testimonies. Nevertheless, the team finds several women who come forward claiming he either raped them or blackmailed them into sex. As before, the women are portrayed as innocent victims and who could never be opportunistic liars despite the fact that these events happened up to three decades earlier.

However, it doesn’t really come to a close until ADA Isaiah Holmes (Wentworth Miller) testifies against Gallagher. Apparently, he had actually attended college with Gallagher and finally comes clean about those events thirty years prior. After hearing his testimony, Gallagher shows his true colors to Holmes and adds “homophobic” to his blatant caricature of white male privilege and toxic masculinity.



Gallagher: Isaiah, looking a little pasty. Trying to get back at me because I never tipped you for bussing my trays?

Isaiah: At least you’re consistent, Chip. Once an ass, always an ass.

Gallagher: Said the bottom to the top.

Isaiah: Excuse me?

Gallagher: You know, 30 years ago, a lot of guys didn’t want even a closeted homo touching their food, but I stood up for you. Now that you’re a double token sucking and jiving your way up the ladder, this is how you repay me?

Isaiah: Did you feel anything watching April fall apart on the stand?

Gallagher: She got what she wanted that night.

Isaiah: She wanted to be raped?

Gallagher: It’s a common women’s fantasy, Holmes, not that a faggot like you would know what a woman wants…

It’s hard to see how Law & Order can be a “ripped from the headlines” series when its stories are so cartoonishly fictional. Throw in allusions to a false story from over two years ago and we get an episode that’s pretty much sixty minutes of lies. Perhaps it should start airing on CNN.

This show was sponsored by commercials from T-Mobile, Lincoln, and Amazon.

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