NewsBusters Podcast: PBS Exposes and Tech Censors with Tim Graham & Corinne Weaver

In the latest vivacious version of the NewsBusters Podcast, executive editor Tim Graham discusses the horrible riot at the Capitol, and the conservative standard that riots are no solution. That said, there’s the embarrassing Project Veritas video of PBS counsel Michael Beller (now dismissed) joking that if Trump wins again, he would “Go to the White House and throw Molotov cocktails.”

He also went on a rant about how most Americans are “f—ing dumb,” and that he’s glad to live in D.C. and not some small American town where everyone’s stupid. It’s astonishing that a network funded by taxpayers all across America has such contempt for people outside their bubble.

Tim says that despite this sting of PBS (and an earlier sting of NPR), public broadcasting remains a snobbish bubble of liberals. You can fire a person or two, but PBS and NPR never change, as you can see in Tim’s House Commerce Committee testimony in 1999. 

Corinne Weaver joins in to discuss our website and how in a study going on almost three years now, Joe Biden has never drawn a content warning from Twitter. He has zero, while Trump drew 668 warnings. Corinne and Tim discuss funny examples of canceled Instagram posts. The partisan elasticity of those “independent fact checkers” plays a crucial role in Big Tech punishments. 

Enjoy the Podcast below or wherever you listen. 

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