No Joke: Newsweek Ranks Fuller, Wallace Non-Stories Ahead Of Major 2020 Sports Achievements

In the past year, Kobe Bryant died in a helipcopter crash, social justice activism ruined sports for countless fans, LSU won the national championship in college football, Dustin Johnson won the Master’s and Patrick Mahomes inked an astronomical $500 million contract after winning the Super Bowl. Each of these major stories have one thing in common: Newsweek ranked these and other significant stories behind a woman making cameo appearances in college football games and an African American race car driver finding a noose in a garage that wasn’t a noose.

This week Newsweek’s sports section is slowly counting town the top 20 sports stories of the year. What is significant about this list?

Sarah Fuller came in at No. 9. She’s the female from the Vanderbilt University women’s soccer team who delivered one short kickoff in a Southeastern Conference football game and later kicked two extra points in another game. Tennessee defensive players conceded the extra point kicks and did not even rush Fuller on those plays. God forbid someone display toxic masculinity by blocking the kick or knocking her down. This has to rate No. 1 in the category of most over-blown sports story of the year – if not the decade.

Checking in as Newsweek’s No. 8 story was NASCAR banning the Confederate flag and African American driver Bubba Wallace finding that non-noose rope in his garage at the Talladega Speedway. This much is reported in the Newsweek sub-head over the so-called No. 8 sports story of the year.

Scott McDonald, the Newsweek writer assigned to write up these ridiculous ratings, calls it this way:

“In a summer filled with social justice marches, sports began to feel the urgency to make changes. NASCAR was one of the first sports to implement changes, and the first move was to ban the Confederate flag at all of its events and properties. This came at the urging of Bubba Wallace, the only Black driver on NASCAR’s top circuit—the Cup Series.”

NASCAR also revoked its requirement for all drivers and team members to stand for the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.

“Later in the summer at the Talladega Speedway, a rope in Wallace’s garage appeared to look like a hangman’s noose,” McDonald reports. Then his story unravels, and with it, justification of this as Newsweek’s No. 8 sports story of the year.

“The FBI was brought in to investigate, and they found no harm or ill will was intended toward Wallace or his team,” McDonald writes with egg on his face. Thanks for nothing on the false racist hate crime aimed at Wallace.

And Newsweek readers are to believe that the Fuller and Wallace non-stories rate ahead of the Bryant tragedy?

Ahead of the LSU story? The Tigers dream season merited only “honorable mention” from the Newsweek geniuses.

Or anybody winning the Master’s?

The Chiefs winning the Super Bowl (story No. 10) and Mahomes practically cleaning out the national treasury (No. 13)?

The Los Angeles teams winning the World Series (No. 14) and the NBA Championship?

The wacky Left-stream media strikes again – at the heart of credibility, at the heart of believe-ability, while scoring points for virtue signaling and identity politics.

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