Scarborough: Senator Hawley Used His Elite Education for ‘Evil,’ to ‘Kill Capitol Cops’

On Tuesday’s Morning Joe, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough in effect accused Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) of murder. In a Trump-pleasing move, Hawley objected to the certification of Biden’s Electoral College victory, which was then smeared into Hawley crying for deadly “sedition.”  

I mean, he’s one of those little — I mean, but, but, he goes to Stanford and Yale and he uses it for evil. He uses it to kill Capitol cops. He uses it to start seditions against the United States of America.


Then it turned into locker-room taunts about Hawley’s body, which made Joe look, well, small:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: He uses it to do, like, this guy, he’s got the bone structure, by the way. He’s such a thin little guy. He’s got the bone structure of a bird. 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Okay. [Trying to rein Joe in.]

SCARBOROUGH: And he’s holding up those little bird hands. Like, look at that. Look at him.

MIKA [laughing]: Joe! .

SCARBOROUGH: Come on, fellas. Let’s do it. Whee!

MIKA: All right.

SCARBOROUGH: I know, but he’s got the bone structure. But still, he’s doing this, this sedition-power salute to a mob that goes in and kills cops.

What is it with the Scarboroughs and mocking men about their hand size? Back in 2017, in retaliation for an unkind tweet by President Trump, Mika Brzezinski went at Marco Rubio, tweeting an image of a Cheerios box with the slogan, “Made for Little Hands.” 

Joe Scarborough accusing Republican Senator Josh Hawley of working “to kill Capitol cops” was sponsored in part by USAA, Rocket Mortgage, FedEx, GoDaddy, Sleep Number, and Allegra.

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